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Psychological Tenets for Transitioning into a Sustainable City - An Interdisciplinary Approach

The project hinges on a post-Covid 19 situation where the government is left with no option but to tilt the balance towards development more than sustainable development, it becomes the duty of the people to work collectively towards the SDGs by developing their thought process. However such a change towards a sustainable city requires a sea change in the psychological outlook of the community followed by an interdisciplinary approach to maintain this transition into a sustainable city to achieve SDG Goal 11.

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Advisory Board Members

Prof. (Dr.) S. Shanthakumar

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Director, Gujarat National Law University.

Prof. (Dr.) Shobhalata V. Udapudi

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Professor of Law, Gujarat National Law University

Mr. Ratnil Srivastava 

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Assistant Professor at Institute of Architecture and Planning, Nirma University.

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Dr. Sanjib Guha

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Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Rochester, New York

Mr. Avro Basu

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Coordinator, Shillim Institute, Writer Corporation Pvt Ltd., Mumbai

Ms. Stuti Chakraborty

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Occupational Therapist at Christian Medical College, Vellore

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