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Submission Guidelines

A strict adherence to these guidelines by the author is desirous.

1. The language of the Blog shall be English.

2. The length of essays can be 750-1000 words.

3. Co-authorship up to a maximum 2 authors is allowed.

4. While the blog doesn't propose any specific topic, the subject of the blog is broadly anything related to environment. However, an inter-disciplinary approach to environmental issues would be favorably looked upon.

5. Plagiarism would not be tolerated, with a minimum level of 15% being permissible.

6. Formatting Guidelines- Font- Garamond Size- Headings(14), Body(12) Justified text. Headings in bold.

6. No citations or endnotes or bibliography or references. All relevant citations should be hyperlinked to the text.

7. There should be a clear division between Introduction, Body and Conclusion in the blog.

8. It would be upon the discretion of the editorial team at Greener Things to accept any submitted blog.

9. All blogs to be submitted to greenerthings.gt@gmail.com. The blog should be submitted in a .doc format along with a short bio of the authors.

10. The copyright of the blogs shall be vested with the authors and only a non-exclusive assignable copyright shall be assigned to Greener Things. This means that the author can resubmit the blog at any other place after its publication at the Greener Things Blog, however with a grace citation or reference to the Greener Things Blog. Submission of essays to this blog shall be deemed to be the assignment of the copyright by the author in the aforementioned manner.

In case of any clarifications feel free to reach out to us at greenerthings.gt@gmail.com.

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